Wooden Butterfly on Stick<br/>12.5 x 9.5cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Lt Yellow
Wooden Flower on Stick<br/>13 x13cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Lt Yellow
Wooden Bird on Stick<br/>13 x 10cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Lt Yellow
Bunny Rabbit on Stick<br/>12.5 x 12.5cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Lt Green
Hen on Stick<br/>17.5 x 13cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Lt Green
Rabbit on Stick<br/>15.5 x 9.5cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Lt Green
Butterfly on Stick<br/>10 x 10cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Cream
Flower on Stick<br/>20 x 20cm (Stick 50 cm)<br/>Cream
Rabbit on Stick<br/>13 x 9cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Natural Finish
Watering Can Garden Stick<br/>11.5 x 5cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Copper
Watering Can Garden Stick<br/>15 x 7.5cm (Stick 50cm)<br/>Copper
Flower Garden Ornament<br/>on a pole<br/>20 x 20 x 80cm
Dragonfly Garden Ornament<br/>on a Pole<br/>21 x 13 x 85cm
Butterfly Garden Ornament<br/>on a Pole<br/>21 x 12 x 85cm
Bird Garden Ornament<br/>on a Pole<br/>21 x 12 x 85cm
Hanging Bird Bath<br/>with<br/>2 Birds
Plain Chicken on Stick<br/>13 x 9cm<br/>Natural Finish
Plain Rabbit on Stick<br/>13 x 9cm<br/>Natural Finish
Hanging Bird <br/>with</br>Wire Frame
Hanging Butterfly<br/>with<br/>Wire Frame
Black Lantern & Stand<br/>Stand - 27 x 29 x 72cm<br/>Lantern - 21 x 21 x 54cm
Black Lantern<br/>On Stand 30 x 32 x 100cm<br/>Lantern - 22 x 22 x 82cm
Copper Antique<br/>Bird Feeder<br/>20 x 20 x 24cm
Copper Antique<br/>Bird Feeder<br/>16 x 16 x 33cm
Bird Bath with 2 Birds<br/>on a Pole<br/>33 x 33 x 127cm
Lantern Post<br/>with Bird<br/>102cm
Bird House<br/> on a Pole<br/>20 x 13 x 173cm
Iron Cage<br/> Tealight Holder<br/> 4 Tealights
Solid Copper planters<br/>Set of 3<br/>23x23x16/31x31x19/39x39x23cm
Solid Brass<br/>Planter<br/>40 x 40 x 15cm
Birdcage<br/>Metal<br/>25 x 22.5 x 48cm
Black<br/>Snail 1<br/>45 x 12 x 36cm
White<br/>Snail 1<br/>45 x 12 x 36cm
Black<br/>Snail 2<br/>46 x 16 x 54cm
Fire<br/>Pit <br/>56 x 19cm
Fire<br/>Basket<br/>52 x 44cm
Karahi Large<br/>Bowl & Stand<br/>60 x 65cm