Round Plate<br/>Copper
Round Plate<br/>Gold
Round Plate<br/>Silver
Ginger Jar<br/>Mother of Pearl
Ginger Jar<br/>Mother of Pearl
Ginger Jar<br/>Mother of Pearl
Ginger Jar<br/>Mother of Pearl
Cream Glass Vase
Cream Glass Vase
Cream Glass Vase
Oval Curved Dish<br/>Grey with Glitter
Grey<br/>Glass Vase
Grey<br/>Glass Vase<br/>24 x 28cm
Grey<br/>Glass Vase<br/>32 x 19.5cm
Oval Curved Dish<br/>Red with Glitter
Leaf Dish Set of 2
Leaf Dish Gold
Leaf Dish Silver
Solid Brass Tub
Round Cone Bowl<br/>Copper
Round Cone Bowl<br/>Gold
Round Cone Bowl<br/>Silver
Solid Copper Planter Set
Ladle Bowl<br/> Beige<br/>35 x 16 x 13cm
Ladle Bowl<br/> Pearl<br/>35 x 16 x 13cm
Embossed Bowl<br/>Lilac Glitter
Embossed Bowl<br/>Lime Glitter
Aqua Glitter<br/>Embossed Bowl
Flower Cut-Out Dish<br/>Fuscia Glitter
Flower Cut-Out Dish<br/>Grey Glitter
Flower Cut-Out Dish<br/>Aqua Glitter
Enameled Tray <br/>Set of 3
Ivory Leaf Plate<BR/>Round
Taupe Leaf Plate
Blue Leaf Plate
Wire Heart Dish Set
Ivory Leaf Plate<BR/>Square
Taupe Leaf Plate<br/>Square
Blue Leaf Plate<BR/>Square
Ivory Flower<br/>Vase
Taupe Flower<br/>Vase
Blue Flower<BR/>Vase
Copper Finish Trays<br/>Set Of 2
Copper Finish<br/>Vase
Oval Bowl<br/>Copper Finish
Nickel Trays<br/>Set Of 2
Oval Bowl<br/>Brass Finish
Dolphin Plate<br/>Antique Copper
Sea Horse Plate<br/>Antique Copper
Shell Plate<br/>Antique Copper
Zip Vase
Oval Zip Bowl
Round Zip Bowl
Oblong Zip Bowl
Jacket Zip Vase
Zinc Antique<br/>Wave Bowl<br/>21.5 x 21.5 x 7.5cm
Leaf Bowl Zinc
Petal Bowl Zinc<br/>Set of 2
Petal Bowl<br/>Zinc Antique
Rainbow Finish Bowl<br/>Set of 3
Rainbow<br/>Flower Vase
Rainbow<br/>Flower Vase
Black Nickel Bowl <br/>Set of 3
Black Nickel<br/>Flower Vase
Black Nickel Finish<br/>Flower Vase
Rainbow Finish<br/>Vase
Rainbow Finish<br/>Vase